Volvo S90 launch
How to dance about a car
Beijing, China
The unexpected combination of dancing and engineering
A new Volvo S90 was launching in China in December 2016. A big reveal event was arranged, important guests were invited, and the car needed a good story. The client wanted to show the audience what's so special about the new car — but in a subtle, not-in-your-face way.
We thought of a story about humans creating the car — and this is how we arrived to a dance. A dance is human, intimate; plus, we enjoy the unexpected combination of dancing and engineering. Here are two dancers, moving swiftly in the middle of abstract shapes and lasers, and suddenly a car grows out of nowhere, and it all makes sense.
What we'll remember about this project
The whole thing was done in 3 weeks
We rehearsed the dance on a tennis court somewhere in Moscow
We also made a 2-minute opening video about Volvo history and values that was shown in the beginning of the event

Concept Art
Set Design
Director, Creative Producer Denis Astakhov
Executive Producer Olga Valitova
Choreographer Tatyana Chizhikova
Performers Ilya Karpel, Yuri Chulkov

Lighting Designer Stepan Novikov
Costume Designer Leila Erdman
Production by Wireframe Studio
Music & sound design by Hyperboloid Studio
Filming & Editing Evgeny Arkhipov, Anton Arkhipov
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