Bring them together,
wherever they are
With us, you will not enter the news as yet another cancelled event. Because no one will actually come.
World's first full cycle virtual event agency
Yep, just like that. Because you don't have to be there in person to get that 'being there' feeling.

Plus, your mom will know you're safe.
We know you read the news, just like us. With two things dominating the media lately (first being the virus, and second — the anxiety about it), the event and show industry is changing rapidly. Thanks for keeping up with the pace.

We didn't want to join the sad competition among agencies where those with the largest number of cancelled projects win
(because they don't, really).

So we began to wonder.
Like, there must be something Avocado Toast can do about it, right?

Yes, there is. A whole list of things, actually.
I've got Skype.
What else?
Good start. Also, you've probably got multi-user video conferences at work, webinars and online streaming. You might be aware of more advanced technologies, or your boss might even roam around the office in a form of an iPad attached to a Segway.

What you probably don't know is how these (and many other) things can work together.

Luckily, we're here to help.

We do not offer a remote connection to something that takes place elsewhere. We create a unique and fully virtual shared experience.
International guest management & guest generation
Celebrity management and generation
Virtual venue creation, booking and appropriation
Attendance management: streaming platforms, VR/AR streaming, text streaming, online interactions
Opening ceremonies and launch moments
Sound QA for streaming live music
International catering (restaurant delivery management)
We can make 'logging in' as fun as attending
We had a second look at our portfolio lately. Actually, there are a few things that you could have joined without coming. You probably didn't do either, so here's a recap.
The opening show that we produced for The Nexus Arabia was a powerful kick-off moment of the festival, enjoyed by 12,000 live spectators in Riyadh, as well as thousands of League of Legends fans who tuned in to the online stream from elsewhere.
World of Tanks is an online game played by millions, so no wonder some of them couldn't attend the anniversary event in Moscow. That's why the the whole evening, including the show presentation by Avocado Toast, was predominantly aimed at the remote audience.
On top of that, there are some purely virtual projects in our portfolio, too. Take a VR experience for Palo Alto Networks, for instance. Or a set of masks (no, not those masks) that we made part of an exhibition in the State Tretyakov Gallery by extending it to their Instagram account.

See? The tools are out there, you just need a helping hand in using them in a better way.
Don't cancel.
Go virtual.
Avocado Toast. Virtually there.