The future
of ecology
How to talk about the environment without teaching morals
Moscow, Russia
A series of interactive exhibits and games based on ecological research
Everyone already knows that keeping the environment safe is important, so the narratives on the topic often end up being quite dull. We were invited to create an interactive exhibition that would get visitors actually interested in the future of ecology and give them some very convincing reasons why it's vital to keep the nature safe for the next generations.
After having learned a lot from the ecological experts of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, we converted their research findings into a series of interactive exhibits and games. We created tangible projections of the future: one showed how daily waste gets decomposed in the nature over time, another displayed an interactive map with natural reserves. The most popular spot of the exhibition was the Eco Hourglass which prompted visitors to find the right balance between the indigenous and manmade.
During the project we've learned a few things ourselves: now you'll never find a non-degradable plastic bag in our office.
Captured Moments
Executive Producer Vadim Vinogorov

Content Producer Anna Haver
Software Developers Vladimir Kostyrsky, Vitaliy Khristyuk
Modellers Igor Ermolenko, Vyacheslav Ledenev
Concept Artist Polina Mukhina
Technical Production ICRE

CG Artists Sergey Shkirsky, Maxim Andreev, Mikhail Buleyko
Concept Artist Polina Mukhina
Software Developer Alexander Sudin
Technical Production ICRE

Natural Reserves, Climate Zones, Time Travel
UI Designers Sergey Batalov, Sergey Albov
Concept Artists Anton Moek, Nadezhda Veresiyanova, Elena Nesterova
Mockup Artists Alena Matveeva, Julia Voronkova
Technical Production Sergey Senichkin, Alexander Senichkin
Animators Dmitry Dudenkov, Dmitry Melnikov, Aliona Stromilova
Software by Peppers Studio
Software Producer Roman Konjuhov
Project Manager Vladimir Donov
Developer Vladislav Zhigalov
Content Managers Alexander Zaderienko, Ekaterina Kotlyar,
Elena M., Tatyana P., Natalya L

Line Producers Evgeny Makharadze, Ekaterina Pinaeva
Motion Designers Alexey Petrovikh, Alexander Smirnov,
Dmitry Solomatin, Maxim Trifonov

Script Kseniya Kharchenko

Maintenance Alexander Zaderienko
Showreel Film Crew Evgeny Arkhipov, Anton Arkhipov
Music & SFX
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