VR experience for Palo Alto Networks
A job interview, 100 years from now
San Francisco, CA
What the future could look like, and how cyber security matters fit into it
Palo Alto Networks, a cyber security company, approached us in October 2017 to create something unusual for their new recruiting campaign. Something they would be proud to display at the venue of Grace Hopper Celebration, the world's largest gathering of women technologists. They wanted to show potential colleagues what the future could look like, and how cyber security matters fit into it.
Showing the future is probably far more convincing than describing it. We created a VR experience (modestly called "Fearless Future") which takes the viewer to one day of life of a woman (ambitiously named Hope) who visits the headquarters of Palo Alto Networks for a job interview — in the year of 2117.
The world of the future should feel futuristic yet familiar, so we spent quite a bit of time on all the subtle details: making the interfaces look not so out-of-fashion as 1970s sci-fi movies sometimes do nowadays, designing the interiors (because some of us seriously considered a career in furniture business), and finding a proper voice actor with just the right RP accent.
Bringing it to life
Concept Art
Agency Mosaic

Creative Producer Denis Astakhov
Creative Director Victor Lander
Project Manager Anastasia Matrosova
Art Director Yaroslav Primachenko
CG Supervisor Alexey Churochkin

Modelling Dmitry Cheremnov
Animation Dmitry Cheremnov, Yaroslav Primachenko,
Evgenia Zhukova

Rendering Vlad Kiselev, Alexey Churochkin
Compositing Alexey Churochkin
Music & Sound Design Monoleak
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