Nexus Arabia Opening Ceremony
Just like on the screen, yet a bit more real
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
LoL is no laughing matter
Each month, more than 80 million people log in to League of Legends — one of the most played online video games in the world. When some of them don't, they probably go out and visit one of the many LoL-themed events and festivals.
Saudi Arabia recently hosted one of them for the first time — thousands of game fans gathered for The Nexus Arabia, a festival featuring several game tournaments, themed entertainment, experiential zones, music events, and multiple shows. Speaking of the latter, the very first one the visitors witnessed was the opening ceremony produced by Avocado Toast.
The world of League of Legends itself is a great source of inspiration — so first off, we logged in (hoping no one blames meddling in statistics on us). Our game mission was peaceful though, aiming to find something to be brought live on stage. We ended up in a remote forest between Freljord and Ironspike Mountains on the most played map of the game — Summoner's Rift.
Having chosen the real map as the show locale, we made some of the LoL champions real too, yet in a different — actual — way. Intricate costumes, props and make-up made it a hard task for our performing team (or should we rather blame it on the stunts?), yet they pulled off their parts greatly. Even though we pulled the strings (note how literal we are here) and suspended them in the least comfortable positions ever — to the benefit of the 12,000-strong audience, of course.
A study in materializing
How it looked in real life
Client Riot Games
Head of marketing MENA Karim Hachani
Content Manager MENA Anas Al Hakim

Lead agency HeyMo® The Experience Design Company
Executive Producer Egemen Ozcan
Experience Manager Ceren Sipahi

Show Production Avocado Toast

Director Denis Astakhov
Creative Director Victor Lander
Executive Producer Oleg Sukalkin
Production Director Sedat Gunduz
Lighting Designer Kayhan Koşar
Choreographer Aleksei Karpenko

Flying Systems Supervisor Marat Baskakov
Flying Systems Vertigo

Costume Design Golden Hamster Agency
Make-up Artist Themed Injection

CG Production Zhee-Shee
Music DJ Mako & The Crystal Method
Music Layout & SFX

Performers Dmitry Shebet, Alex Skillaz
Ali Skillaz, Tatyana Martynova, Dmitriy Bulgakov

Photographer Andrey Buzin
Video Andrey Rymarev, Maxim Antipov
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