Moving artwork
for Mosaic birthday
Reviving pop culture icons of the past three decades
Toronto, Canada
60+ video segments on the walls of a Toronto castle
Mosaic is one of the biggest experiential marketing agencies in North America, and in 2016 they were turning 30. We were invited to design immersive multimedia artwork for the event to make this birthday an well-above-average experience.
To show the agency's history, we recalled all major cultural references from 1986 onwards and turned them into over 60 video segments. The videos were then projected on the walls and the ceiling of the Casa Loma castle in Toronto — in sync with live music performance.
It was a good night, as you can witness in the video above. We hope someone throws us a party like that when Avocado Toast turns 30.
Concept Art
Set Design
Agency Mosaic

Creative Producer Denis Astakhov
Project Manager Anastasia Matrosova
Supervisor Evgeny Makharadze

Content Production SKILZ
Technical Production Ben Renzella, PRG
Technical Director Scott Amiro
Video Engineer Simon Clemo

Video Editing Anton Arkhipov
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