Afrofuturism at Moneyconf 2018
How the crypto revolution is happening in Zimbabwe
Dublin, Ireland
Futuristic African-themed narratives projected over exotic flora
Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and other rather novel ways of handling money are quickly developing in African countries: they don't have to fight with the legacy of banks and similar old-fashioned financial institutions. Very counter-intuitive, but perfectly sensible.
Kuvacash is a Zimbabwean new cash startup that asked us to design their exhibition stand at MoneyConf, a conference on fintech that took place in Dublin in 2018. While the African continent is still facing complex challenges right now, we preferred to focus on its future. Kuvacash strongly believes that this future will be bright, and they certainly work hard to make it so.
For inspiration, we turned to such a rich and underdeveloped genre as afrofuturism: African traditions enriched with high tech. The inner walls were decorated with exotic flora, and we projected futuristic African scenery, contemporary art, and blockchain-inspired imagery over it. The stand definitely looked peculiar — in a good way, of course — especially given the rather traditional look of financial apps and services surrounding it.
How it looked in real life
Executive Producer Denis Astakhov
Creative Director Victor Lander
Content Producer Vadim Vinogorov
Project Manager Alexander Knyazev
Assistant Irina Kutuzova

Concept Artist Polina Mukhina
Video Engineer Ivan Kabalin
On-site Supervisor Denis Uzdyaev
Motion Design Evgeny Makharadze, Artem Perevertin,
Evgeny Malyshev, Irina Ershova, Maxim Meshkov, Ildar Enikeev

Filming & Editing Denis Uzdyaev
Video Soundtrack Maalem Mahmoud Guinia,
Floating Points & James Holden — Mimoun Marhaba

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