Look of the Year 2018
Does a beauty contest need flashy backdrops?
Xi'an, China
How we organized
a show for a modelling contest
Sometimes a lot of extremely good-looking people gather in one place for a brief period of time. There's typically a stage, lots of bright spotlights, and a spirit of fierce yet respectful competition. Welcome! You're on a modelling contest in Xi'an. (It's a very famous, ancient, impressive Chinese city — check its photos on the internet.)
The organizers brought us in to come up with the multimedia and tech side of the event. (Naturally, the only kind of modelling we're good at is 3D modelling. Badum-tss.) We came up with some ideas that we thought very good at the time: let's take the traditional Chinese symbols (as depicted in the Western culture) including but not limited to dragons, lanterns, pagodas, etc — and combine them with contemporary streetwear: dragons made of Yeezy Boost, military costumes out of Balenciaga bags, and so on. For better or for worse, none of this ever happened.
What happened, though, is that we more or less organized the entire show, working as an agency. Sort of. We built a stage somewhere in a hidden courtyard in the Xi'an forbidden city, projected moving pictures across the entire thing, and added tons of visual effects on top. It looked exactly how a modelling contest should probably look: expensive. We developed the design project, hired contractors for everything we couldn't do ourselves, and did everything else ourselves: technical production, motion graphics, lights, and some other bits and pieces.
How it looked in real life
Set Design
Agency Avocado Toast

Executive Producer Eugenia Strizhkina
Production Director Aleksey Makrushin
Video Director Denis Akopov
Motion Design Anton Novosad

Vendor Tangxing Performance Service Co., Ltd.

Video Shooting & Editing Andrey Rymarev
Music OST Fedor Pereverzev
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