Interactive exhibition at Microsoft HQ
What do an aquarium, a farm, and a banking CRM have in common?
Redmond, WA
Showcasing the achievements of three Microsoft customers
By the time you'll finish reading this sentence, one of Microsoft's corporate clients will already have saved more than 3 million liters of water worldwide. That's enough water for 6,000 people, for a year.
This is one of many more stories and facts that we were asked to present at an interactive multimedia exhibition at the Microsoft Executive Briefing Center, a meeting and discussion space for Microsoft enterprise customers. We've learned that they do some very interesting things, and we presented the achievements of three of those companies, creating a different concept for each.
Digital aquarium
For the water saving company we built an interactive infinity room with screens and mirrors covering all four walls that created an illusion of water filling the entire space. The amount of illusionary water was meticulously calculated to be precisely the same amount that was saved by the company in question. Basically, we built a huge aquarium that tells its visitors everything about the water saved and creates a 360º immersion effect.
Projection mapping on a farm field
Another Microsoft's client helps farmers with technical know-how, proprietary tools and research-based solutions. To show that, we built a convincingly looking mockup of a farm field (based on an existing farm near the western border of Iowa), and then did projection mapping right on it, showing how software helps getting more crops. The projection was constantly switching between the cows on fields and graphs with data: that's how we found a way to show business information on a real field.
Customer journey taken literally
And yet another client of Microsoft builds a system for helping banks manage relationships with their customers — tens of thousands of customers, simultaneously. We created an imaginary Escherian space which quite literally interpreted the concept of a "customer journey" with the cunning use of optical illusions. It became a real journey indeed, with the space changing its perceived size and perspective from every new location throughout — based on the places that the person is visiting when contacting the bank.
How it looked in real life
Agency Mosaic North America
Immersive experience design Avocado Toast
Engineering and fabrication Taylor Group

Avocado Toast team
Immersive Director Denis Astakhov
Creative Director Victor Lander
Executive Producers Anastasia Matrosova,
Denis Astakhov, Victor Lander

Supervisor Vlad Kiselev
Music & SFX
System Design and Development Denis Akopov, Oleg Mazunin
Filming & Editing Evgeny Arkhipov

Immersion Room
Art Director Nikolay Kulyakhtin
Motion Design Andrey Flat, Kirill Zarubin,
Vlad Kiselev, German Emelianov, Ruslan Kharisov

Farm Field Projection
Art Director Vasile Luchian
Motion Design Vasile Luchian, Anatolie Poghirca

Banking Journey
Content production by
Project Manager Irina Gorbacheva
Illustrations Igor Zakrevsky
Sketches Evgeny Druzhinin
Animation Andrey Stifeev, Sergey Moroz,
Nikita Savenko, Dima Lobko, Adam Bronson

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