Generative art for a bank gala night
Ever-changing visuals for a neo-classical concert
Moscow, Russia
A gala night in grand style
To celebrate their anniversary, Uralsib bank went the classy way. At least, throwing a grand gala in the monumental House of the Unions is one of the classiest Moscow things indeed. (And indeed, Russia's famous for unions.) The event, organized by our friends from V Confession agency, took over the historical venue and culminated with a neo-classical music concert in the grand Pillar Hall.
That's quite a statement already (if you've never been there and/or have no idea what it looks like, you'll have to take our word for it), so we didn't want to ruin the magic of the famous place and captivating music in it. We went the minimalistic way and designed multimedia backdrop for the concert — quite simple from the outside yet full of smart tech on the inside.
Here's a bit of very interesting trivia: the Pillar Hall was named after 28 huge pillars that surround it along the perimeter. The digression from the story suddenly ends here, as we went no further from this reference and put 10 more LED pillars on the stage. Yet we didn't want them to serve as screens for something we'd design in advance: instead, we invited media artist Ildar Iakubov to play with real-time generative visuals and synchronized lazer effects. As opposed to the 28 still architectural pillars of the hall, ours became an array of ever-changing media art pieces.
The experience wouldn't be complete without music, of course — and the audience were in for a treat: our generative art pillars served as background for the music by Nikola Melnikov (look him up!) The man himself performed live, accompanied by the orchestra. All in all, the evening was a splash. We'll invite you the next time, promise.
28 + 10 = ?
How it looked in real life
Creative Director, Set Designer Denis Astakhov
Executive Producer Alexander Knyazev
Production Director Alexey Makrushin
Lighting Director Alexander Pechersky

Chief Visual Artist Ildar Iakubov
Generative Artists Alexander Korneev, Alexander Koggio
Lazer Programming Alexander Letcius

Filming & Editing Andrey Rymarev
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