Eight, a multimedia performance
A cross-genre experiment with well-hidden tech behind the scenes
Moscow, Russia
Characters in the limelight, tech in the backdrop
Dreamlaser is a company that's doing laser shows, 3D mapping, video installations and other kinds of visually impressive work. We were invited to present their tech expertise without focusing too much on the tech side itself.
We wanted to wrap the laser tech into a simple, relatable, human story, and this led us to a story of two people and their relationship — told through music and scenography. The resulting multimedia performance put the characters in the limelight, while letting the technology to act merely as a backdrop — and not the other way around.
How it looked in real life
Set Design
Produced by Dream Laser

Creative Producer Denis Astakhov
Director & Choreographer Aleksey Karpenko
Director of Photography Evgeny Arkhipov
Art-Director Daniil Kutuzov, Konstantin Shun
Composer Mitya Vikhornov

Stage Design Denis Astakhov, Daniil Kutuzov
Performers Snezhana Kryukova, Oleg Klevakin
Lighting Designer Stepan Novikov
Costume Designer Asya Solovyeva

Content Production by Dream Laser
Technical Director Alexander Istomin
Set Construction D-Construction
Camera Crew Anton Arkhipov, Konstantin Bykovskiy

Special thanks
Olga Zakharova, Maria Zayter, ADG Group team, Maksim Promix,
Dmitriy Yakovlevskiy, O/S/A Okean Storytelling Agency

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