Not a creative agency, nor a production company
We do immersive communications. It means we tell creative stories through spaces and tech.
We do it for clients who are looking for less boring ways of talking about their services and products; for clients who want to entertain and surprise rather than to bluntly sell; for clients who also believe that long-term relationships never fail to pay off.
We're the client's partner throughout the project, handling everything from the initial concept to final execution, up to the tiniest details. This approach might be different from how others do it, but that probably doesn't matter as long as it gets the projects done, and the show ends with sitting ovation.
Endless supply of unexpected conversation starters
We give our audiences new perspectives, new ways to think about something they already know. We want to get them talking about what they've seen — without ever saying interesting.
Creatives, strategists, writers, producers, designers, filmmakers, technicians, directors; also human beings
The core team is enthusiastically working at AT full-time, day in and day out. We also built a network of talented collaborators who we worked with over the past years, and they regularly join our projects.
Strategy and Creative
Strategy development
Campaign planning
Digital extension
Conceptual design
Experiential Marketing
Event planning
Event design
Production and fabrication
Live content production
Content Production
Content production
Creative development
Video production
CG & VFX services
Keynote production
Digital signage
Immersive Environments
Strategy and ideation
Technical planning
Production and fabrication
Content production
Interactive development
Live Events
Concept development
Show direction
Technical planning and production
Lighting and video design
Content production
Live performance
A non-exhaustive list of things that we've done, or can do, or strongly believe that we can do
Some well-known companies which we were lucky enough to work with together
Typically we work with clients directly, or collaborate with branding / event / experiential marketing agencies.
By the way, getting your logo on this list is surprisingly effortless.
We have established solid presence in these places, and are always delighted to meet elsewhere
— Los Angeles, CA
— Moscow, Russia
— London, UK
— Shanghai, China
Take a look at our work. Or write us a friendly email.
What's next
We shouldn't be telling you what to do, really.
But we'll be glad to hear back.